Mauro Di Leo was born in October 1991 in central Switzerland, but has roots in southern Italy. His goal is to create music that leaves a big impression and was made with heart.
In his childhood he learned to play the drums and was amazed what you can do with percussive instruments. Later he discovered the fascination for electronic sounds - especially synthesizers - which he combined with classic rap music. The enthusiasm was so powerful that he was active in the hip hop culture for several years. This changed as rap music has been commercialized in the 2000s.
From then on, he was interested in other styles of music, especially for electronic music like house, techno and their subgeneres. Only Minimal Techno impressed him that he produced songs since 2011 and released them on several labels. Later he created on his own netlabel "Alpha Decay Records".
Then he also started his DJ career and played in clubs in Central Switzerland and Zurich where he was resident DJ at a successful label.
End of 2012, Mauro Di Leo was planning some more projects in other musical styles such as Dark Techno (also under his real name); Deep, Fidget and Electro House (Avonic) and Trap, Twerk and HipHop (Vega).
In 2014 he founded the 'Cube Studio' with DJ D-Skillz an producer Mr. Hook. The studio is a own building and acoustically optimized.

You can send me a message for international booking, collaboration/remix request or just for get in general contact at Contact

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